Prom But Not Forgotten: Murray ‘n Michele, 1971

Part 1 Her name was Michele and she was my high school sweetie. We went to the prom in 1971. I wanted to marry Michele; Michele had other plans. She went away to UGA, met the friend of her older brother and they yaddayaddayadda. Took me years to get over it, and in some ways […]

Rolling Stones Tour of the Americas

1975 – Mick Gives Me the Ol' Stink Eye for Mentioning the Devil "Whatever you do, don't take any photos of Mick without permission." This is Billy Preston's warning after inviting me up to the Rolling Stones' floor at the Fairmont Hotel in Atlanta. But here I am, seated across from Mick Jagger, my camera resting […]

Dhubthob Rinpoche, Tibetan Buddhist Monk

Dhubthob Rinpoche, Tibetan Buddhist Monk

Interesting People I Have Known He had been living the quiet life of the ascetic in a remote monastery in Tibet when the Communist Chinese invaded in 1959 and threw him in prison with all the other monks as subversive. A group of monks held in the same prison went to their captors and pleaded […]

My Favorite Alec Baldwin Story

My Favorite Great Balls of Fire Storie Alec Baldwin has appeared at the past two SCAD Film Festivals. He showed up at the last one looking a little rough. He left looking rougher, when the crowd that watched his mock docu on film financing largely missed the joke. And he went home to a world […]

You Can Leave Your Hat On: the First Time I Met Ringo Starr

June 1974, Atlanta GA This photo ran in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution following a press conference with Ringo Starr and Harry Nilsson, under the caption: "Ringo Meets the Press". That's me on the front row in the hat, and to my left is my best friend Don Sylvester. That's Ringo in the satin Marilyn Monroe jacket, […]

Red Skelton, America’s Greatest Comic

Photo and Comment by Murray Silverjr He was born in 1913 and grew up as both man and performer in a traveling medicine show, on a showboat, in burlesque and vaudeville before finding a national audience by way of radio. He was among the first generation of television stars and produced one of the highest-rated […]

Nigel Olsson with his brother Carl, 1979: One of My Favorite Photos

Nigel Olsson with his brother Carl, 1979: One of My Favorite Photos

"All I've got is this photograph, and I realize you're not coming back anymore…" Nigel Olsson turned 65 recently. He will forever be remembered as "Elton John's drummer", but there was a time when he pursued a solo career after the Big E cut him loose in 1975. Nigel turned up in Atlanta, where he […]

A Light Shines on St. Patrick’s Day

Saint Patrick's day is never over until I pay homage to my Irish ancestors. My great-great-grandfather Patrick McCabe was born on March 17, 1840, the patriarch of our clan.    March 17, 2006. After a day of celebration in downtown Savannah, I ended St Patrick's Day at the gravesite of my Irish ancestors in Catholic Cemetery as […]

Memories: Andrew Lloyd-Webber

Photographed by the Author in 1979 (photo coming soon) I have been friends with The Lord Lloyd-Webber for 35 years. Robert Stigwood– who produced "Jesus Christ Superstar" when he wasn't repping Cream, The Who, Rod Stewart and Bowie– made the introduction in 1979, when they were in New York to launch the Broadway production of "Evita." […]

Ain’t It Funny How Tempus Fugits: Sting’s Daughter, Mickey Sumner

Ain’t It Funny How Tempus Fugits: Sting’s Daughter, Mickey Sumner

I met her daddy in 1979, when he was 29 years old. Thirty-four years later, I met his daughter when she was 29 years old. This kinda stuff doesn't happen to anybody else I know, but it happens to me alla time. Here is Miss Mickey Sumner, daughter of Sting and Trudie. We're hanging out […]