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When Elvis Meetsthe Dalai Lama, by Murray Silver

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In this book, the author of Great Balls of Fire: The Uncensored Story of Jerry Lee Lewis recounts his favorite stories of how he started out in life as a rock concert promoter in the late 1960's, became biographer to Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis Presley, and ended up as a special assistant to His Holiness the XIVth Dalai Lama.

A magical mystery tour of pop culture spanning the 50's through the 90's, with anecdotes about Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis Presley, professional wrestler Harley Race, pornographer Gail Palmer, and the Tibetan Buddhist monks of Drepung Loseling Monastery. Destined to become a modern day classic.  

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Behind the Moss Curtain and Other Great Savannah Stories

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Ten true stories not found anywhere else in print.

There are a few contemporary subjects, but most of the stories are about the good old days when gangsters and gamblers ran Savannah, a time when the town was known as the Independednt State of Chatham County.

 Some tragic, some comic, a few ghosts…but all true!

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Tech's Luck

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“For Georgia Tech fans, the discovery of a remarkable coach, who paved the way to modern GT sports positions.”

James Karl Luck, Jr. served Georgia Tech in a variety of roles for 37 of his 63 years. As baseball coach (1962-81), he won more games than any coach in Tech history.

He coached football for 22 seasons; as Senior Assistant Athletic Director he ushered in a new era of renovation.

This is his life story, as told by family and friends.  

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