Behind the Moss Curtain & Other Great Savannah Stories

Behind the Moss Curtain and Other Great Savannah Stories

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“Behind the Moss Curtain” is Murray Silver’s intensely personal tour of Savannah that few people know.

A fifth generation Savannahian, Silver’s grandfather owned and operated the most celebrated hangout in the city, from 1927 until 1958. Bo Peep’s Billiard Parlor on Congress and Drayton was where wives could find their husbands when they couldn’t be found anywhere else, and a steady stream of characters –gangsters, gamblers, and stars from every sport –passed through these doors. Four of the ten stories making up this book are drawn from the high times of Savannah’s golden age.

Elsewhere in this collection are two major works of contrast. The first is the title story, an account of the infamous Butcher Murder of 1945, which no Savannahian living at that time could ever forget. This factual account is more fantastic than any fiction, and Silver has uncovered elements of the story that were unknown to the public at the time and which are perhaps more shocking than the crime itself. It was a rush to judgment that put a poor soul in the electric chair, and Silver pleads a case that is slowly making even the family of the victim change their hardened hearts.

The second major piece is a fresh look at Shoeless Joe Jackson, widely known as the greatest baseball player that ever lived, but scarcely recognized as a citizen of Savannah for 23 years. Jackson began his pro career with the Savannah Indians in 1909, and Silver has traced his every barefoot step in recounting where Jackson lived and what he did here. The author relates many facts heretofore unknown as part of his successful bid to have Joe enshrined in the Savannah Sports Hall of Fame in 2003.

Elsewhere in this matchless collection are Silver’s essays on contemporary Savannah affairs: the restoration of the Pulaski monument, the Snakehead Smugglers, and the harbor deepening project, all of which are masterfully rendered so that it is practically impossible to tell where objective fact-finding ends and editorial opinion begins. In short, “Behind the Moss Curtain” is the best book ever written about Savannah, bar none.

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About the Cover:

Savannah is known for its imposing live oaks drapped in Spanish moss, which are carefully tended to by the city and its residents. In this city which boasts the largest living and preserved historic distric in our nation, evn our trees are preserved. Three such trees are named and tagged, and tourist buses will ride by as guides tell you their stories. Outside the historic distric in a quiet neighborhood overlooking the marshy river bed is where this Majestic Oak resides. Its canopy is so large, the brances fall to the ground some 80 feet away from teh main trunk, to aquire new roots and create a shield, or fence round its core trunk.

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