Tech’s Luck, Georgia Tech’s most versatile coach…

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Jim Luck, the most versatile coach Georgia Tech would have seen, if not for his premature death…

A special breed of American, Jim Luck has never been chronicled in a formal book. In fact, had it not been for his untimely death in 1986, it is possible that this book would never have been written. The soft-spoken manner does not quite match his many accomplishments. But it is safe to say his career was influenced by the bravery he displayed during WWII. As a young man, the ultimate ethical stand was to serve his country to the best of his ability—even if that meant sustaining three almost mortal wounds in the battlefields of Europe, which ultimately curtailed his promising athletic career.

Adjusting to civilian life was a challenge, not unsurprisingly. Having grown up and matured in the battlefield, not in the due course of nature in his home state, Jim was untrained in the art of negotiating, in the art of resetting goals, in the art of managing expectations, and in the art of patience. Obstacles were not a reason to steer in a new direction, but overcoming them to the best of his ability—until it could be proven that he was either right, or that he was wrong—for the first time in his young life.

And so this sets the tone of his lifetime dedication to GeorgiaTech.

…and why every white and gold should buy the book and get to know this remarkable man.

The author—an experienced biographer who never knew Jim Luck, has become a close friend of the family- describes the way Jim Luck influenced a whole generation of players at GT. He also sheds new light on the inner workings of an university athletic dept, and the foundation of what are now multi-million dollar athletic programs—at the time, no more than a fledgling departments with limited resources.   

The research for this book was conducted through personal interviews of more than a dozen contemporaries, as well as GT archives. The book, illustrated with many personal photos of the family never before seen in print, spans the coach’s 63 years- both personal and professional.

Proceeds from the sale are donated to the Alexandre-Tharpe fund at Georgia Tech, which provides scholarships for student-athletes.

Who is this dedicated biographer?

Murray Silver was born in Savannah, Georgia, in 1953. While attending high school in Atlanta in the 70’s he started promoting rock and roll concerts, from Fleetwood Mac to other greats of the generation: Grateful Dead, the Allman Brothers and more. He had every intention of following his father’s steps in obtaining a law degree, but along comes Myra Lewis, the child bride of rock and roll, and together they embark on a long journey of what became "Great Balls of Fire: The Uncensored Story of Jerry Lee Lewis," first the book followed by the movie.

After travelling the film and rock n roll road for more than two decades, Murray Silver’s life is changed forever when he is introduced to His Holiness the XVIth Dalai Lama by mutual friend Richard Gere. He learns Buddhism, works and practices with the Tibetan monks in Atlanta, while raising funds for the acceuil and education of orphan exiles from Tibet.

This profound knowledge and practice leads him to further the philosophical and spiritual quest from many points of view, making him one of today’s most sought after speaker on Spirit and Spirituality.

His love of human nature makes him a compassionate and dedicated biographer. His latest release is “ Tech’s Luck, the Story of Jim Luck.”

About the Cover: Rare photograph of GT’s beloved coach

The smiling athlete is Jim Luck in his prime. He was an outstanding and versatile ball player – here is depicted in his baseball uniform, after winning , at age …., right before serving the US Army in WWII in Europe. The Army got the best of this patriot, uniquely qualified in his physical and mental state to serve and lead.

His lonely desire and lifelong passion was to play football for GT and serve GT, in the tradition of his father before him. And serve he did, until his 63rd year.

The fish-eye view photo on the back cover is the last photo taken of Jim Luck before his tragic death in 1986. On his knee in the basketball stadium (why would he be on his knee?). At this time he was instrumental in the upgrading of the athletic facilities at GT, and the complex now bears his name.

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