When Elvis Meets the Dalai Lama

When Elvis Meets the Dalai Lama, by Murray Silver

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  • Rock and Roll History . Stories about budding rock n rollers and rich and famous like Paul McCartney, Sex Pistols, Sonny & Cher, Fleetwood Mac, Johnny and Edgar Winter, Blood Sweat and Tears and many more.

“In the days ahead my father and I continued to promote concerts at the Sport Arena. We brought Johnny and Edgar Winter, the albino bluesman John Mayall, Billy Preston, Rare Earth, and the hip comedy team Cheech and Chong. If we wanted to control Atlanta market then the booking agencies expected us to take everybody on their roster, not just the hip acts, and we were forced to bring B.J. Thomas and Kenny Rogers & The First Edition.”

  • Jerry Lee Lewis and "Great Balls of Fire": the book and the film.  The biographer to Jerry Lee Lewis tells the story of how "Great Balls of Fire,"; the book and the movie came to be: an insider's look. Three chapters about Jerry Lee Lewis and his family.
  • Elvis Presley. Definitive version of Elvis' death finally comes to light. Dramatic recounts of an uncomfortable truth.
  • Martin Luther King Jr and family. The Chapter "Little White Lies"; shows the relationship of Dr. King with Murray Silver, senior, father of the author. Dr. King later became best man in his marriage. Stories about Coretta's and Mrs. Silver's joint birthday celebrations illustrated with photographs.
  • Savannah. The author is a fifth-generation Savannahian; he recounts his passion for the city, his departure in the 60s and finally his return home.
  • Buddhist Philosophy. "Buddhism is not oblivious to materialism; it has overcome it and replaced it with an idealistic view of reality as ultimately one and ultimately spiritual. This aspect…separates East from West – young America is still obsessed with sex, drugs and rock n roll.

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